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Pinecone Research Sign Up Link and Review

One of the leading sites with a good offering as paid online survey is the Pinecone Research site. It stands out of the crowd of hundreds of survey sites with its unique features. If you want good returns with your paid survey efforts you should join this site with out hesitation.

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Is Pinecone Research Legit or Scam?

Yes, pinecone research is 100% legit and free to join.

You can join pinecone research using this link: Sign up with Pinecone Research and Earn $3/Survey. Join FREE!.

pinecone research sign upFact about Pinecone Research

AC Nielsen is a giant US corporation based in New York and it is leader in the search market field, Pinecone Research is the one of its wing for such activity. Here you will get chance to give your opinion on forthcoming products and specifically suggestion for such a product that are not generally available to the public. Membership is strictly limited to single user per household only.

How to Join Pinecone Research?

It is very difficult to find Pinecone Research recruitment banner. On some of very specific websites or such a websites that advice on money savings, there only you may spot it. Pinecone sometimes prefers to recruit some specific target groups like dog owners or first time mothers. In such case its recruitment banner will only be flash on pet owner or mother and baby websites.

On various sites of World Wide Web it flashes for a moment and quickly passed around so you need to be fast enough to catch it up. It may be your good luck if you catch it on the very instances it flashes with its logo.

During your surfing if you find the Pinecone Research Sign Up Banner, then immediately click on the link and join. It never hangs around for long time. Sometime it may take hours together to reappear on the screen. It is very simple online form that you have to complete. You may be asked your name, address, email, occupation, age, gender, education level and the number of people in your household.

About the website

The short cut way to reach to pinecone other than for waiting for elusive banner on website, you can directly log on their website, It is nicely prepared mostly with gold, green, black and white. It does not offer you more information for joining their panel but simply tells you that:

“ Currently recruitment for new members via our website not open. However we may post for new recruitment opportunities through banner ads on various websites time to time through the year. Be watchful and also instruct your family/friends to watch the websites carefully.”

Yes, pinecone research is 100% legit. You can join pinecone research using this: pinecone research sign up link.

The home page is laid out as

You will be paid for every individual survey you undertake; there is no personal account in Pinecone to access. You can log on and update details but that’s as far as it goes. We do not have any record of surveys taken or payment made to you. What we do is, we will send an email with incorporating required instructions on how to access your first survey. Similarly, within few days you will get welcome letter by post containing your payment and a letter and associated with leaflet explaining you all about Pinecone Research.

You will be assign Household ID of eight digit number and password provided through email and letter. You will be given clear instruction on how to access your first survey. The Household ID is very important and mandatory in accessing the study area of the website, without that it is impossible to do so. The ID cannot be change as per your choice. But do not worry, in every survey invite it will be quoted so do not worry if you lose the initial letter.


You get paid for every individual survey you undertake so no annoying minimum points system before you get your benefit. Rewards for taking the survey, you will be paid Accor luncheon vouchers. A flat rate of $3 for US and Canada, £ 4.00 for UK , for every survey that you will have undertakes. It is quite good amount as a return for approximately 10 minutes work! The payment comes in a handy little booklet detailing the various outlets about luncheon vouchers. The amount £4.00 has made up of a combination of £1 and £0.50p vouchers. It is more convenient for payment on small purchase too and no worries about the change. Validity of the vouchers is for several months. Easily you can be saved or just treat yourself to a couple of Café Lattes at Starbucks. If you lose them, then it cannot be replaced by Pinecone afterwards

You may think that it sounds like bit old fashioned to issue such luncheon vouchers, it is true, now a days it is not widely used as they were popular in 60’s and 70’s, (or 80’s for those you remember Cynthia Payne’s brothel where they accepted luncheon Voucher against certain services).

No doubt that still over 33,000 high street outlets are there to accept them. You can use them for buying any products other than food or drink in major UK supermarket chains or else at Boots. It can be useful at fast food outlets like Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, Burger King and Starbucks. For complete details of outlets go to You have some patience in most outlets accepting them during exchange, as the majority of staff operating they have to call their supervisors for help in processing them.

Survey Format

Initially survey will be sending you by email by Pinecone Research. Later on your luncheon vouchers will reach to you by post along with a letter giving you various instructions in addition to the email, on how to access the survey. It is the only company, which pays you in advance BEFORE you undertake the survey. But do not think that you may keep luncheon vouchers and not giving feedback on survey, if you do not respond you will soon get struck off from the panel and no more surveys will be given to you. So you will be looser in that case.

Remember that emails always come from and you will be informed about your selection for taking part in project number XYZ. You will be informed to log onto the website and access the survey. You rest assures that you will be definitely qualified and get paid, if you receive a survey offered by Pinecone Research. You will not be disappointed about rejection in survey by going through some type of pre-screening or so. Pinecone do such selection procedure BEFORE they invite you to do their survey. The type of survey will not be known to you either by email or by letter, but you will be inform about the closing date of the survey which are normally within 5 to 7 days of time limit. Hence you do not have to rush to respond.

The surveys are crafted such a way that it takes hardly 15 to 20 minutes, practically even in less time around 8 to 10 minutes or so. Here you will be shown various images of the several products for which you have to survey then you will be asked for your opinion on the packaging, about the product concept and what are the chances to buy it. Very simple questions have been framed and in majority cases you have to tick multiple-choice boxes only. (Sound very simple!). It has been very professionally laid out and you will complete it ease with out any problem. It has been assured that all the links have worked and done nicely what has been assigned to do.


If you have any problem Ms Karen Scott is there to help you immediately, as she is running customer service very efficiently. You should not be fear about your personal details, as Pinecone Research assures you that it will not be shared with third parties. At Pinecone Research the security is the prime importance. You have to sign a disclosure agreeing that you will not discuss the product with anyone else, before you start any survey/product test. Moreover, occasionally Pinecone Research send out warning emails specifying that Pinecone is after you to assure that you should not discuss any of the products you have evaluated on their behalf with anyone. Be aware if you discuss such matter about any of the products online either in chat rooms or in bulletin boards, your name will be removed from the panel for future survey and you will be looser.

Just if we summing up this details as Pinecone promise to keep your personal information secure and confidential and similarly you also have to promise to keep our information secure and confidential.


It is worth to join this survey site if you can find recruitment link. As this work is very periodic in nature, but Pinecone do offer a better returns for minimum workload on your part. So do not wait and start searching for those banners with the green and white Pinecone logo. You will definitely pick it up at any instance of time while browsing. Best of Luck!

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