Take Surveys for Money

Take Surveys for Money

Learn how to find surveys that pay? I offer free information on how to get started.

One of the most difficult things to do is determine who is a scammer and who isn’t.  I’ve had to learn the hard way throughout my life that sometimes things are just too good to be true and so I take extra caution  when someone recommends something to me.  Well this is one of those times where they were absolutely right!

I am talking about “Online Surveys for Money“.  It’s about a guy who in hard economic times decided to start doing surveys for a living.  He actually pulls in about $3000 per month according to his website.  If you rather go right there and read his site instead of my review you can do so.  For the rest of you, keep reading on.

Still with me?  Let’s get into this.

When I first got this link shared with me I am thinking, “This is a scam.”  I mean this guy is claiming to make over $3000 per month by completing online surveys for money.  I’ve made some decent and not so decent money but this guy also claims he’s got a database full of companies he found.

Well I just had to check this out for myself and here is my honest to goodness review of what I think.

The main page is clean and really sucked me right in. I couldn’t tell if this guy was serious or not but I thought “He’s offering a 60 day money back guarantee”  Well that’s good.  Let’s see what this is about.

I signed up and received my own unique username and password.  Within I say about 5 minutes I was able to log in and check things out.

The very first thing that caught my attention was seeing the extremely clean layout.  At the time I signed up there was also an offer for $50 but I don’t now if he took that away or not.

Learn How An Unemployed Guy Gets Cash For Surveys and Makes Over $3000 per month!

The next thing that I noticed was a smooth flow in the design so that you can find exactly what you need.  Simply scroll down the page and the website walks you through everything you need to do and all the free offers it includes like make money with blogging, make money with Amazon etc.  If you are new to making money online then you simply cannot beat these offers.  I know they are free on my screen but I don’t know how long that will last either.

Finally let me get to the real meat of why I wrote this article. Gary Mitchell claims to have the largest database in the world of legitimate real surveys that pay. Does he?  Let’s find out.

I went to the database area and it’s basically a drop down list where you pick your country and then it lists all the companies that offer surveys for money in those regions of the world. The first thing I saw was Afghanistan and I thought “Oh boy I think I got scammed” So I clicked it and sure enough Afghanistan lists many companies that have surveys.

So I scroll down the list and find USA because those are the ones that appeal to me.

I was blown away!

Here on this list he has at least 100 companies that offer cash, rewards, points and merchandise! If I count them I think there are around 150 companies there!

So how does this work?  Well according to Mr Mitchell, you sign up for all of these accounts. This is the longest part of the whole process.  He says it may take about 4 hours to do them all.  This is where I recommend my post on RoboForm.

You may also want to see my article about making sure you have a separate “Offer” email account that you can check.

Once you get all of these signups completed and filled out you simply check your email and any new offers that you are qualified for will be sent to your email.  Just for reading some emails you can make some change.

He also shows you how you can get your own website.  I didn’t bother looking into that because I already have this one but if I need one in the future I may take him up on that offer as well.

Now this wouldn’t be a completely honest review unless I included something negative about this offer.  Clearly for his hard work he wants to get paid for the information he is giving you.  That’s the downside.  This isn’t free.  But the cost isn’t that much either.  The good news is that it is only a one time fee and not some hidden subscription.  Also if he is still offering the $50 cash bonus then he is basically paying you to get started!

So if you are interested make sure you click on the link below!